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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news more than 30,000pg and e customers are without power as a storm blasts through the area. and there are more air strikes over libya this morning while leader moammar gadzuric condoms the attack. good morning, everybody, thanks for i don't think us. san francisco police are investigating the shooting that left two people critically wounded outside a nightclub this morning. it happened on the 2400 block of san bruno avenue new silver just after 2:00. a man and a woman were found with gunshot wounds in front of the el toro hospital.
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police are gadgetting information about the suspect. no description has been released so far. spring officially begins today and the winter season is going out with ephoral storm which has knocked out power for more than 30,000 customers. let's check in with meteorologist lisa with today's forecast. >> hi. here's a live look outside. we still have gusty winds and the front has pushed through san francisco, but still downpours behind the passage of the cold front. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay until noon. the high wind warning is in effect until 6:00. you see plenty of moisture out there, especially in the north bay. the yellow indicating the heavier downpours around bridge pond right now and further to the east we are looking at 680 some wet weather and back towards berkely, almeda, oakland and certainly around 280, belmont and redwood city. the heaviest rain pushing south
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of san francisco right now. still potential for low lying flooding and whether he look at thunderstorms throughout the day today. caroline. >> thank you. as we mentioned, more than 30,000pg & e customers are without power because of the whether. about 30,000 in the north bay and 13,000 in the east bay. 4,000 customers had their power knocked out in the south bay with another 3300 on the peninsula. more than 100 are affected in san francisco. pg & e officials officials will be working around the clock to restore power but have no time estimate because of the number of outages. high winds and heavy rain are making the job more difficult for technicians. now as the cold and windy storm moves over the bay area this morning the highway patrol is cautioning drivers to slow down on bay area bridges. high wind advisories are posted for all our bridges with no
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estimate when they might be lifted. the chp said drivers should slow down and try not to overreact to the sudden wind gusts. big rigs and high profile box trucks are especially likely to get broken off course on the spans. in the santa cruz mountains wind gusts from 45 to 50 mile-an-hour. they are gearing up for the calls they know they will get in weather like this. >> increasing traffic collisions, trees down, wires down, things of that nature that happen up in the hills up here. >> yesterday pea-size hail fell in the santa cruz mountains as the cold and windy storm moved in. >> in walnut creek a 100-foot treetop he fell. everyone escaped unharmed. and sonoma county road crews yesterday used heavy equipment
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to clear debris in the highway that runs along the russian river. sandbags are now available for home own speakers businesses to protect their property. while more rainfalls on the bay area, the sierra is getting several new inches of new snow. snowplows started hitting the roads last night to try to keep up. if you are headed to the sierras, you can expect to see cheaney restrictions posted along interstates 50 and highway 80. big rig snarled traffic on highway 80 for two hours last night. >> let's turn to the turmoil in libya. the u.s. and coalition force are launching air strikes over libya. moammar gadhafi went on tv condemning the barrage. the coalition forces are attacking the air positions and
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tomahawk cruz missiles have been files. he is saying the attacks are unjustified and his people will rue night against what he calls the christian crusaders. libya television is showing the bodies of civilians lined up in the morgue claiming they were killed in the air strikes. abc news has more. >> more than 100 ham hawk missiles launched from a u.s. trip were fired off the coast of libya after 2:00 eastern time. the target, more than 20 to surface air strikes. >> on a trip to latin america, president obama addresses what has been called operation odyssey dawn. >> actions have consequences and
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the writ of the international community must be enforced. >> the rebels were successful in shooting down one of gadhafi's planes. >> the blood of kids. one five years old and one four months old. >> in reaction to the the ally's operation. this message was delivered on state controlled television. >> this is a crusade. >> the libyan leader made a threat. any allied act against libya and he would consider all air and traffic in the mediterranean sea counters form a counter attack, namely planes. robert bear served 25 years as a cia operative, almost all of it in the arab world. >> gadhafi has lost his mind, clearly. you can see that from the images coming out of tripoli. in fact, i heard today that the
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family is considering replacing him with another strong man because he is so crazy. we would be better off without him. >> now allen tells us the next phase is enforcing the no fly zone over tripoli. the u.s. and european and maybe arab nations will take the lead. governor jerry brown has designated this a day of remembrance and prayer for the victims in japan. that country's atomic safety agency reports pressure is rising again inside a row actor at the nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake and seam. they are backache way from plans to get steam from the reactor. spin average and milk from as far as 75 miles away show levels of iodide above limits. tiny amounts of radiation are
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found in tokyo's tap water and rainwater across the area. there is reported a contaminated batch of beans. meanwhile, americans continue to head home. >> i'm close enough to the power plant where i thought at 30 i was far enough and then 80 and i fall right into that zone. so i didn't feel safe staying. >> tiny amounts, as we said, japanese authorities are saying the attempts to cool the overheating reactor by paying water on it may not be working. uc berkely has detected very small radiation here in the bay area. as of 10:30 yesterday morning trays amounts of elements were recorded. they do not naturally occur and they are assumed to come from the nuclear site. but it's below anything that
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would cause negative health effects. this is tsunami awareness week in wake of the deadly tsunami in japan. chile and somali. california is launching a state white campaign including a new classroom lesson plan for schools. warning systems will be tested and emergency responders up and down the coast will be conducting drills to test their readiness. the response to the tsunami that caused damage to santa cruz hash pour and crescent city harbor will also be reviewed. new details about problems in the investigation of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. and the barry bonds perjury trial is set to finally start tomorrow in a san francisco
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>> pg&e documents released say documents released by the company found a second part of the gas pipeline with aapparently flawed seam as well as. it was made during inspections just 20 days after the deadly september explosion in san bruno. other potential problems were found on sections of the pipe both north and south of the ruptured site. publicly pg&e officials said the ruptured section had the only flaws they found along pipeline 132, which runs to san francisco. in its most vocal criticism yet the public utilities commission is slamming pg&e over some of the documents submitted. these documents detail pg&e's network of underground gas lines. but there are serious gaps in the record and the utility could face tough consequences as a result. abc7's heather has more.
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>> pg&e president, chris johns, said he's not satisfied with the record results filed tuesday night with the cpuc. cpuc isn't satisfied yet. >> they filed on the deadline knowing no actual primary documents about those grandfathered pipelines. >> after the september pipeline explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes, pg&e discovered its records about that line did not match what was really underground. the cpuc then ordered the utility to verify it's operating lines at safe pressures. pg&e will now likely have a chance to explain the incomplete filing at a march 28th hearing, but could still face fines of $1 million a day. >> the most important thing that has to happen is pg&e senior leadership at every level needs to wake up every day nervous about what they know and what they don't know about their natural gas pipeline. >> the missing records raise
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questions about whether pressure should be reduced as a precaution. >> we are looking closely at their filings from this week whether we need to issue pressure reduction orders today or early next week. >> they both say lowering pressure can create hazards of its own. >> if you get pressure too low it's not enough to supply to the customers and we could be look at tower tail meant or worse, if people's pilots lights go out that could cause gas to gather with serious consequences. >> since the rupture, new pipeline regulations are now in the works at the state and federal levels. victims hope that is some good that will come from the tragedy. >> this is a narrow window of opportunity for our legislators to actually make a difference, to take advantage of this opportunity to get some legislation in place that forces pg&e to do what they need to do in terms of maintenance and inspection. >> pg&e insists safety is its number one concern. much of the missing paperwork is for segments of longer lines, they say. and pg&e is launching what they
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call an aggressive testing and replacement program of 1:00 miles this year, filed by 450 miles next year n the newsroom, heather,abc news. tomorrow the percentagely trial of former slugger barry bonds is schedule today finally get underway. jurors will not get to hear some of the prosecution's most dramatic evidence. last week a federal judge threw out voicemails bonds left for his former mysteries during their nine-year relationship. prosecutors said the voicemails are profane, hostile and threatening and are the result of bonds steroid use. judge susan said the tapes could prejudice the jurors. earlier this month his personal trainer said, no, he is not going to testify against bonds. the judge said she would send anderson back to jail. injure selection begins tomorrow in oakland for the murder trial of the former leader of the black muslim
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bakery. two men have pleaded not guilty in the murder of oakland post newspaper editor chauncey bailey. the professed shooter told the grand jury bay ordered the killing and macky helped him track bailey down on august 2nd, 2007. bailey was fatally shot as he walked out of an oakland's mcdonald's restaurant on his way to work. lisa is here with a preview of the accuweather forecast. it was crazy overnight. >> it was. wind gusts over 60 miles an hour in parts of the bay area. some minor flooding. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for warts parts of the south bay. some very gusty winds and a wet sunday ahead. the forecast coming up. also coming up, more march madness. the first number one seed falls in the ncaa tournament. mike shumann has the highlights
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♪ ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ iove waking up [ chuckles ]
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♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonnae ♪ a sweet day [ female announc ] wake up to sweetss with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet ste that's just right. and the 10 natural whole grain oats treat ur heart sweet. because they can help wer your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. >> a lot of dramatic weather overnight. have we seen the worst of it? >> yes and no. the wind advisory doesn't expire until 6:00. minor flooding especially in the south bay. as you see outside our window
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here in san francisco, the streets are wet, the winds don't look too bad. but that's just what is going on around town. elsewhere active weather. live doppler 7hd, and you will notice it is lit up. in fact, right around hercules and richmond, yellows here and fairfax. we will go closer to the north bay. and around navato, highway 101 and along the coast we are looking at some pretty good downpours. further to the east, american canyon area, some good rain there. also down around hayward into dublin this morning you are looking at pretty good downpours. these will continue to rotate through throughout the day today. take a look at the red cell here just east, a thunderstorm. and down around morgan hill we are looking at rain, spotty showers in and around san francisco. so a flash flood watch until noon is in effect for parts of the santa cruz mountain.
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an inch of rain per hour in some areas and rapid risings of creeks and streams. that's why there could be localized flash flooding here. be careful, and also gusty winds. 1.62 here and santa rosa an inch and three quarters. san francisco .82 and oakland with .77. and a pretty healthy storm. temperatures in the 40s and 50s with some very breezy winds. so we are looking at airport wind gusts of over 39 americans. oakland 44 mile-an-hour gusts, as well as san jose. look at up by the delta, 51 mile-an-hour wind gusts. the winds continue to be a problem at least until 6:00 this morning and that's when the national weather service will let the wind warning expire. but we will still see breezy winds throughout the day.
5:22 am
a few sun breaks will allow for some more heating and some isolated thunderstorms today. then we are still looking at plenty of rain in the week ahead. take a look at the area low pressure. very tightly wound up around point arena. this continues to move to the north and east. as it does the winds will ten to subside throughout the day today. then another area of low pressure takes its place by late tomorrow. so here's the rest of the day. some scattered showers by 2:00 this afternoon. you will notice we are in the scattered shower activity. but then by monday night, here we are in the morning, the morning commute. he we have shower activity, a little bit of a break monday night into tuesday. and here comes our next weather maker, the middle of the week, looking at another healthy storm. high temperatures today, low to mid-50s. it will be breezy. we will see a few sun breaks and the risk of a thunderstorm with us because of those sunny breaks. and with the breezy conditions, another nasty day even though it
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will be spring later on today. you notice the break tuesday. that's the next storm i talk about, wednesday and thursday. doesn't look like much of a letup. >> no, my goodness. thank, you lisa. are you watching this, the march madness? it is continuing. the field of 68 will be whittled down to the sweet 16 today on the men's side of the ncaa tournament. yesterday the stanford women played their fares game of the tournament down on the farm. here's mike shumann with the highlights. >> good morning. a little march madness. tip off of the women, stanford gets a tune-up against uc davidson, their first-round matchup. it's always march madness with the stanford band. aggies came to play. out to the 11-8 lead but stanford get it going. and down low, that's pretty. stanford up 12. into the half janet p, the three. and more of the same in the second half.
5:24 am
lenny dinardo with one of her four second half. she that is 3. stanford up 25. and later the sisters, 2 of her 22. condoleezza rice approved. stanford is moving on with an 86-59 victory. >> 3.8 shooting is contagious. once someone gets going, the rest of the team follows and then you just get it inside once they start playing out. i think it's a good way to start off a tournament. >> everyone will come out playing their best. this is the big dance and everyone wants to be the prom queen. i think that playing hard in this game and people making us better. >> for the men, cinderella is back. last year's finalist, butler is at it again, knocking off the number one seed in the southeast, pittsburgh. brad stevens had his bulldogs in the sweet 16. bulldogs down one here. they drive and dishes to andrew smith. up one with 2 seconds to go. last chance with pitt off the
5:25 am
long inbounds. the foul before the shot and he goes to the line. after making the first to tie it, brown misses the second and on the rebound robinson does the unthinkable, he fouls matt howard with less than a second left. that sends howard to the line where he hits the first and butler does it again, upsetting pitt 71-70. also in the southeast, byu taking on gonzaga. and jimmer can hit from anywhere. he had 34. byu goes to the sweet 16 after the 89-67 route. ucla taking on florida. second half joshua smith, the big fella going up strong. ucla down 1. just over a minute to play. it's erving walker pulling up for the three, and that's the dagger. he had 21. flamers on to the sweet 16 with the 73-65 victory. out west san diego state and
5:26 am
temple with a thriller it tucson. under a minute to play. the tough runner in the lane. we are tied at 54. on to overtime. in ot, final seconds. can't hit the jumper. we are going to double overtime where the aztecs would pull away off the steal. leonard with the dunk. san diego state advances to their first-ever sweet 16. 71-64 that final. the sharks hosting the blues without dany heatley, who is sitting out because of an elbow to a dallas star tuesday night. but sharky brings it every night. sharks wrought it too off the rebound. mitchell is there to bury the puck. 1-0, san jose. later in the first, now 2-0. joe pavelski. off the post and in. little joe wasn't done. into the second. pavelski redirects. second goal and 100th career game.
5:27 am
sharks win third straight, 5-3, the final. and more march madness stories tonight at five. for matt shumann, have a great day. >> no more vacation pay outs for employees in one bay area where they are cutting the perk. and the court battle over san francisco's ranked choice
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>> the supervisors say it's one step in the long budget cutting process. they have voted to eliminate vacation buy back for 300 of the county's highest paid employees. abc7's lawrence anthony has the story from martinez. >> i know this is tough but it's the right thing to do. >> what the supervisors did was vote to eliminate a long-standing vacation buy back policy for 300 top employees. mostly managers and supervisors not represented by a union. >> the sad thing is it's probably only the beginning of a long series of other things that we are going to need to do. >> until now managers could sell back up to one-third of their unused vacation per year. >> please do not take away this benefit. >> district attorney mark peterson told abc7 his deputies da's will be impacted.
5:31 am
>> now they will take the vacation time and i will have to replace them with one and a half or more attorneys which will cost me additional money. >> they say the move is expected to save the struggling county nearly $1 million a year. besides short term savings, they hope long-term cutting vacation for managers will help them reign in costs. vacation pay outs could no longer be added to salaries used to compute pension. >> we are taking action because of the immediate savings of the benefit but it will have additional savings on top of what we are achieving because of the pension cost savings. >> rolly is with public employees local 1 which has 200 members in the county. >> there's a sense of equity, which i said before the board. folks have had these benefits for years that rank and file workers haven't had. from our view that hasn't been equitable. >> right now the board's action applies only to nonunion managers. starting this summer supervisors
5:32 am
hope to negotiate with individual unions to eliminate vacation buy back county-wide. abc7 news. lorraine county supervisors will meet tomorrow morning to review a new budget plan that includes layoffs to meet a projected $6 million shortfall for next year. according to today's moran independent journal, it' proves for cutting positions. two possessions in the sheriff's department would also be eliminate bud they can chews to take lower paying positions under contract rules. final action on the proposed cuts is expected in june. the ninth circuit court of appeals is considering the constitutionality of san francisco's election system. at issue is the same ranked choice voting system that propelled gene quam as the surprise winner of the mayor's
5:33 am
race in oakland. >> two of the three judges on the u.s. circuit court of appeals panel are from san francisco and probably already familiar with the disputed voting system. ins 2004 the ranked choice system has allowed san francisco voters to pick their top three choices in a race. if no candidate collects the majority of first place ballots the person who cgmds in last is eliminated÷ú and those who chose that candidate have their votes transferred to their second choice or third until someone wins. a recent poll found voter confusion. but stephen hill, the architect of the system, says other surveys indicate voters understand. that doesn't means inly they could sit down and down the ballots for you, but they understand what they have to do as voters and that's to rank one, two, three, and they feel comfortable doing that. ron is the lead plaintiff trying to undue ranked choice. he was an unsuccessful candidate for supervisor in 2006. >> i believe it's not a constitutional system because
5:34 am
voters have no ability to be able to know who the final three candidates are. >> really what they are complaining about at the end of the day is that not all their votes go in the winning candidates problem. >> those monitoring the legal challenge are aware san francisco is gearing up for its first competitive mayor's race to use ranked choice. and everyone is talking about what happened in oakland. councilwoman jean kwan had fewer votes but pulled off a stung victory by garthering more second and third place choice. science professor corey cook said ranked choice changes the dynamics. >> it changes the calculation of candidates in terms of what happens in local races. it also makes things more complicated for voters. >> the city has asked the appeals court panel to issue a ruling by july 1st, well ahead of november's election. >> the stormy weather could cut short the first sunday street
5:35 am
event of the year in san francisco. it will close at 1:30 this morning for the 11:00 event where people can walk or bicycle along the bay without having to worry about traffic. the rainy day policy to start the event and see how many people show up. officials will make a decision by noon whether to shorten the event and end it at 1:00. otherwise the fourth annual check off to sunday streets will run until 4:00 this afternoon. so what say you, miss weatherperson? >> yeah, you look at me. >> is it going to go? >> well, no. there's a few area of sunny breaks and that's going to destabilize the atmosphere for more showers and thunderstorms. we have a rainy day ahead. the front has pushed through most of the bay area. still a flash flood watch for parts of the south bay, the santa cruz mountains. very gusty winds. the soggy forecast coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also coming up, an amazing story
5:36 am
inside the lives of two former cia agents. what it was like to be married spies and why they left the company. [ female announcer ] to get fresh-baked rich, indulgent chocolaty brownies you don't have to open your oven... just the refrigerator. ready-to-eat pillsbury eet moments. find them in the refrigerated section of your store. bui've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference?
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abc7 larry reports silicon valley's love affair with smartphones is a major factor. >> silicon valley has had the 408 area code for 52 years. but the proliferation of cell phones and in car navigation devices has exhaust the the supply of numbers. >> i like 408 and it is sort of part of my identity but i can understand if they have to change, they have to change. >> a new area code is being introduced, 669. the debate over who gets to keep 408 and who gets 669 is underway. one plan calls for an overlay. that means new numbers will be assigned 669 while current
5:39 am
customers remain 418. the other plan is a gee traffic split. downtown, and these areas in one area code. sunny jill, the rest, milpitas, san marte and gilroy would be in another area code but no one is sag who would retain 41 to 8. >> they say it normally takes 18 months touches an option. but with the numbers scheduled it to run out by the end of next year they say they will have to move a lot faster. >> hearings are underway to get public input. >> we will see what the people have to say. people have an opportunity to comment to the puc up until the decision is made, which is probably going to be several months from now. >> phone carriers and the city council favor the overlay option. a geographic split would trigger updates to business cards, brochures and other materials for companies. >> it will bring a little bit of business in. we mainly do corporate marketing but nonprofit direct mail and printing.
5:40 am
>> there could be another impact. >> in my circles and the network i have, i have a lot of friends in hip-hop and rap and they are all about their 408. what are they going to do, change their shirt? >> abc7 news. >> do you mind if i tell people you are a little tired because you stayed up all night, you were so excited about the weather? she could not sleep. you wanted to know how powerful -- >> how i was going to verify. yes. we all have our thing. >> you know, i get it. >> yeah. so, you know, it could have kept you up because it was very breezy and really heavy downpours throughout much of the overnight hours. just letting up around three, four o'clock in the north bay. now we are back to pretty good rain. we are looking at 80 around emeryville. it's pretty wet everywhere and windy still even though the cold front has passed through much of the bay area. in fact, it is hung up in the south bay. so that's why we are looking at the flood watch there until
5:41 am
noontime. take a look. all of the green on the screen representing the rain. in fact, some of the yellows here indicating heavier downpours. much of moram county, all west. we will take you to the north and east where we have heavier cells up toward vacaville and fairfield and windy conditions here. concord looking at a pretty good downpour. up through 580. hayward this morning and union city. some very rainy conditions. take a look around gilroy and watsonville, hollister. we are looking at the cold front still trying to push through much. the south bay. san francisco, spotty showers and more rain continues to push through the central bay. so a flash flood watch until noon for the santa cruz mountain, southern monterey county with localized flash flooding, rapid rises in creeks and streams right on through the morning hours. rainfall totals over an inch and a half and inch and three quarters santa rosa, san francisco over an inch.
5:42 am
oakland .82, concord .77 and more is to come. we will add to these totals throughout the day today. in fact, the week ahead looks pretty wet. in fact, the driest part will be the beginning of the week. 49 in livermore, 15 redwood city. it's 50 mountain view and san jose. look at the wind gusts. still very strong winds. we are looking at airport delays already at s. f. o. with gusts out of the southeast at 30 miles an hour and win gusts from 30 to 50 miles an hour by the delta. so the winds will continue to subside throughout the morning hours. but it's going to take a couple of hours. so we still are the high wind warning in effect for another 30 men or so. breezy showers and a few peaks of sunned to. that will in fact allow for a few isolated thunderstorms and then more rain arrives for the week ahead. here's the area of low pressure, that deep low that brought the rain, the win. it tense to lift to the north and to the east.
5:43 am
behind it notice the unstable atmosphere. that's the speckling of the cloud and that's all to come throughout the day today. adopted area of low pressure and a cold front headed our way into the middle of the week. here we are 2:00 this afternoon. some scattered showers. but the next rain event looks to be slated for your monday morning commute. 6:00 then we see scattered afternoon showers. monday not looking too bad. overnight into tuesday, that's our brake. then that next system heads our way into wednesday. mid-to upper 50s today. breezy. the winds continue to die back throughout the morning hours. still a breezy day. a chance of a thunderstorm. are you look for the silver lining? welsch me, too. it looks like monday into tuesday are the driest periods, and then another system. not as strong as last night but a decent one. >> but we debt a couple days to dry out or a day and a half, something like that? >> yes. >> okay. thank you, lisa. we want you to meet an east bay cup well a fascinate bug
5:44 am
dangerous history. they worked for the c.i.a.. they met in a war zone. now they are leaving most of their past behind but their real life story is the kind of stuff you see in the movies. here's abc7 cheryl jennings with the details. >> gorge clooney's action thriller in 2005 is based on the experiences of exc.i.a.. he lives in berkely with his wife, kenna. they have a three-year-old dater and a bunch of dogs and cats. their lives are so different now compared to life in the c.i.a., living in war zones and always on the run from danger and always undercover with aliases. >> mine was riley. >> i was harold, but i used to keep about 20 passports in my pocket with different names. it was hard to keep up with different nationallalities. >> which is really transaggressive.
5:45 am
you are not supposed to carry around several different names. >> dana was a by-the-book c.i.a. agent. robert said he did what he needed to top. first tom they met was an example. he was there chasing the terrorist group hezbollah from lebanon. dana was shocked by the car he was driving. >> i was trained to blend in, not attract attention, and go under the radar. he was driving a lime green car with orangeina wren down the side. >> i had my own philosophy. for me it was like hide it in the open and what spy would drive a billboard on wheels? so they think the guy is nuts, if anything. >> it was not love at first sight for them. >> i was very leery and thought he was crazy. i was just assigned to work in
5:46 am
the war zone. >> bob said she had serious skills. >> she can run somebody off the road at 65 miles an hour, at that point, and the car flips. a good skill to have. >> they were married to other people during the time they were at the c.i.a. but they couldn't talk about their work and couldn't say where they were. so relationships with their families were strained. their marriages fell apart. and bob never new dana's real name until they met a year later in washington at headquarters. they decided to create a life together. they got out of the agency. they have written a book about their adrien first called "the company we keep." they adopted a child in one of their favorite chris, pakistan. now they are on the most important mission of their lives with little kiper. >> it's everything. >> most people come to the conclusion earlier than we did but we are slow learners. what can i say. >> abc7 news, cheryl jennings. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> a grieving family was told
5:47 am
they must pay $200 to say good-bye to a loved one. their story coming up on 7 on
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> during a time of grief many families spare mow expense for the funeral, signing up for anything that's advised. one family just wanted to chance to see a loved one who died alone. they wound say good-bye and they couldn't believe they had to pay for that right. here's 7 on your side michael with their story. >> they grew up together in san francisco's china town. born just 14 months apart, the brothers were inseparable. >> we went to school together and in scouts together and we did everything together. we were very close.
5:50 am
i didn't expect this at all, for him to pass away. >> he was shock to hear his brother died alone at home. hillman never got to say good-bye. when he made arrangements here at the mortuary he asked to see his brother one last time before cremation. they said that would cost $200. >> i said no, no, i just want to say good-bye to him. he -- i said i wasn't there when he passed. >> he felt he had no choice and paid. he also purchased their advice and purchased 4 death certificates and paid a $48 fee. soon after he received the two final death certificates but never the preliminary ones so he has duggins for the refund. >> they said the person handling your case was on vacation. i called back in november or december and they told me she was in a meeting. and then i called back again and
5:51 am
then they told me i waited too long. >> it was only $24 but he said it was the principle. he and his brother were always taught never to waste money. >> i would like to get back what i paid them for. >> else also upset about paying $200 to say good-bye to his brother. so he contacted 7 on your side and we got a hold of duggins. owner dan duggins said the mortuary never order all four death certificates since the final ones came in sooner than expected. the failure to refund was an oversite. and duggi in. s hand-delivered him a check for $24. >> michael stepped in and did it, 7 calling them and everyone. >> as for the $200 fee to say good-bye to his brother, duggins said the mortuary requires preparation before viewing to prevent potential shock to the
5:52 am
loved ones. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. up next, a major production underway to turn the sounds of the golden state bridge into a musical
5:53 am
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5:55 am
2009 along with the heroism of captain sullenburger. the engine lost power after striking a block of geese moments of a taking off from law gourd yeah airport en route to charlotte. >> this morning you are asked to answer the question what does the golden gate bridge sound like? a new musical composite is in the works to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the bridge. as abc7 arts and entertainment reporter mr. sanchez explains, artists are look for your input. >> we all know what the golden gate bridge looks like, but what does it sound like? the grand symphony orchestra has commissioned a work inspired by what happens here every day. >> the unique feature of this project is that we are going into the community and asking people to contribute in their own way. >> sharing their ideas on the
5:56 am
golden gate opus facebook page. >> we can up load sounds, idea, even videos that may be incorporated. >> and sounds are being recorded. >> i've gotten sounds of seagulls, sounds of traffic, bicycles, bicycle bells. >> and he said he's finding the elements he needs. >> the tires, as they go over the bay. i like the sounds of the waves. and i don't know how they will be incorporated but, yes, go out and collect more. >> it is an inspiration. finding it in every cable and every lane and obviously every sound. the symphony will provide the sound. he plays clarinet. >> we play the fog sounds, a rolling repetitive chord that is mystical, uncertain. >> the world premiere will be
5:57 am
made 2012. it's part of the community celebration of the bridge he is 75th anniversary. this is like a tribute. >> when i cross is every day i think of the engineers, the human spirit behind the design and the construction, the men that built it. >> expect a majestic salute in music to one of the world's great engineering marvels. abc7 news. up next at six, police investigate another shooting outside a san francisco nightclub. that leaves two people wounded. and the powerful storm slams into the bay area overnight, causing major power
5:58 am
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>> in the news this sunday morning, march 20th, more than 30,000 pg&e customer are without power after a


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